The Voluptous Lady!

The Voluptuous Lady!

Author: Pranay Rupani

Girls to me seem like the eternal mystery, because they seek attention not wanting attention. An oxymoron of sorts, for example they want guys to notice them but only the right way. Saying “You look hot!” will get you a tight slap and a “You look hot in that dress!” will get you a “Thank you for noticing, I like a man who pays attention to detail!” Score one for the boys, but boys being boys cannot understand or decipher the difference between the two seemingly harmless compliments. What is wrong in “You look hot!” and what is right in “You look hot in that dress!”? The ladies will give you the perfect perspective but good luck getting one to explain that to you. A girlfriend is not the right person as you might get a “Humph, I thought you would know these things by now?”

Here is an inexperienced guy’s understanding of the comments. Years of reading the Women’s Bible “Cosmo” (and scores of other “What Women Want?” type literature) have taught me that when you tell a girl she is hot just by looking at her, it is classifying her as an object. Which in turn demeans her existence; hence the guy is termed as brash, rude and a jerk. The mistake of objectifying women is seldom forgiven. Whereas “You look hot in that dress!” signifies that you noticed the effort put in by the lady/girl in dressing up and looking good and that you are sensitive man who knows and cares about a woman. Chalk one up for the boys! Terms such as babe, score, piece, all the way, I must explain are considered extremely insensitive and very chauvinistic.

Ninety nine percent of the straight men in this world would either be looking how much cleavage is on display or how tight the dress is so that her ass looks great. The meaning for “You look hot!” and “You look hot in that dress!” is very much the same. This might seem insensitive and very brash to the women, for that I apologize on behalf of the straight men in this world. That certainly does not mean that guys and men care only for how much you show, that is a misconception which is often agreed upon by women.“Forgive them oh womankind, for they do not know what they are doing!” “Sigh! Only if men would understand!” is every woman’s plea and “What in the hell did she mean by that, I did not say or do anything?” is every man’s puzzled expression (I wonder why men do not understand women?)

As I sipped my mock tail very aptly named “Voluptuous Lady” for men and an objectification of well rounded healthy women, in terms of women. I looked over to my friend in disappointment as we had actually expected the voluptuous lady with the drink and as our eyes met we both asked ourselves the same question, “What the hell are we doing single?” and pat came the reply in unison, “Man we should be happy with the drink because that is the only way we can do it that is think of women, a lady voluptuous or not is nowhere in our sights or lives!”

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M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Hyderabad, worked for Hydrogen Youth Magazine Hyderabad (now Chill @ Hyderabad) for a year. Worked for many television channels like CNBC-TV18, MAA TV, ESPN-STAR Sports.

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