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Fat pay cheques, an opportunity to rub shoulders with glamorous models and hobnobbing with some of the rich and famous might be the dream of many a young shutterbug. But, it can turn out to be hard to get to the golden staircases of the big wig fashion houses and designer magazines. For every one talented or compelling photographer, hundreds or thousands are left waiting at the pavement, only to dream about that splendid moment when their photograph will be picked out and chosen for the project. For the novice photographer and who has just commenced a career in fashion picture photography, some tips can prove to be helpful. One is study thoroughly about your subject. Grab all the fashion magazines you can lay your hand on; the chances are that you will learn more from these fantastic books on fashion and fashion photography that are available in the market. Some of the web sites are literally and genuinely treasure troves of information.

You should always have in your possession one or two good cameras, a tripod and ample lighting system. Always make it a point to have with you ample number of film rolls and batteries. The digital SLR and digital cameras help one to take different photos, so make sure that you find the best, suitable for your field. When given an opportunity, you need to have a very good and professional-looking portfolio at hand. In case, the editor of the fashion magazine wants to have a look at a few samples of your talent, you should be in a position to show it off. The sharp, bright images with 4×5″ transparency can show off your talents and your best efforts.

If you have already made a publication, it would do well, no matter even if it was a small neighborhood magazine or a newspaper. If neither of your productions is at hand, a good looking high quality 8 X 10 ” photograph also is acceptable. You have to make certain that you have at least a minimum of 20 photos in your portfolio; and preferably, it should sport different styles. You need to show off your expertise completely with cool fashion photographs of figures or just some body parts, for instance, hand modelling. Fashion photographer also makes it a point to include jewellery and other accessories. A wrist watch from a famous time keeper company on the slender wrist of a beautiful woman will be a good fashion shoot.

When you consider moving to individual tasks, be prepared to leave your fashion photo portfolio behind for a little bit of extended period of time; maybe, as much as a couple of weeks. It is advised that you make some extra copies and have a few always in hand. This might come in handy when showcasing your work to several different people for considering you for the fashion photography assignments. In today’s world of advanced technology and higher quality standards, it is prudent to display your talent as a fashion photographer online as well, by uploading your work.

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