Morbid or Awesome, 3D Babies …

Morbid or awesome, I can’t decide. A new interesting product has hit the ever bloated pregnancy market, an actual 3-d tangible print of yours, or whomsoever’s unborn baby. Yes, this is true. The company 3DBabies provides the service for around 600 dollars for a mini pre birthed being. Do you set it on the nightstand? Do you think this could replace the nostalgia ultra sound ? Is This how people way back in the day felt when ultrasounds came out? A weird sense of taboo surrounding something like a little baby life.

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Imagine giving this as a gift to someone. A fetus in a box … But I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous. It would be a great conversation starter to have a fetus doppelganger of yourself.

Would you purchase one if you had the means and/or curiosity?


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