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Coco Chanel is one of the most popular and important fashion designers of all eras. In short, Chanel’s influence on the modern haute couture was so prominent that she got mentioned in Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century.’ Even though Coco Chanel is criticized for being dubious about her childhood days and the years before shooting to stardom, many people like her and some people support her opinions. These followers cite that Coco Chanel was only attempting to reduce the disgrace poverty and illegitimacy bestowed upon people in the 19th century France. Two years after her brush with imprisonment, the Nazi Empire was demolished and France became free once again. Even then, the government of France warned of harsh punishments to people who could have partnered with the Nazi empire. At that time, Coco’s earlier ties with Hans Gunther brought out several rumours about her loyalty towards her country, France. Out of fear, Chanel fled to Switzerland in the hope of gaining a new start. She was often spotted indulging in beauty treatments at the Valmont Clinic, which stayed in close proximity to Coco Chanel’s oceanfront house.

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Coco was also frequently visiting the Steffan tea room located in upper Montreux, a highly popular spot that catered to the local celebrities in France. In the period during her stay there in Switzerland, a tired and spiteful Coco began to create her very own collection of perfumes without the help of her partner Pierre Wertheimer. Pierre Wertheimer knew that his legal rights were breached, but he went on to settle the disagreement with Coco through other means. Later, Coco sold its all-inclusive rights to the Wertheimer family in exchange for a monthly compensation. This amount helped support her and her friend, the former Nazi spy, Hans Gunther. Coco Chanel finally returned to Paris, and she discovered that the famous designer Christian Dior was the number one in the haute couture world.

Coco decided to reshape the relationship with her estranged business partner Pierre Wertheimer because she badly needed some guidance and financial back-up. In return for this, Pierre Wertheimer was given full rights to all the Chanel’s products. The world thought that their alliance would spark a flame that would reignite Coco Chanel’s majestic stance in the world of fashion industry. However, it was not to be; Chanel’s new fashion collections were not found to be successful with the local people. In the final few years of her life, Coco Chanel had become kind of a recluse; she used to leave her home only when absolutely needed. She had very few real friends and had no family. People would have envied Coco’s glamorous and wealthy lifestyle in theory, but they would not have traded their own lives for the aspects of life she went through. Though Coco Chanel is dead, her legacy continues to live on even today. The impressive thing about Coco Chanel is that she single-handedly changed the face of fashion. For that, she will live in the minds of fashion lovers till eternity.

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