Alexander McQueen | Spring/Summer 2014 | Backstage Film

“Faded fabrics that feel they have been left out in the sun and tarnished gold buttons. Hems, lapels and sleeves are unfinished and frayed. The internal structure of suiting is removed to give lightness. The sleeves of a frock coat have been ripped away with seams and shoulder padding left exposed. The silk lining of the suit jacket is introduced as a button-down robe or cardigan, layered over collarless bib shirts and exposed from the sleeves and hem of suit jackets. Worn with pleated loose, long shorts or trousers cropped above the ankle.

The iconic McQueen skull motif is reworked into a cotton lace. The lace is adapted as a print. Distressed floral jacquards. Cotton ticking with embroidered black roses or screen-printed by hand to create a mottled photocopy effect. Washed silk, cashmere and cotton. Engineered brocade jacquard.

A film by Sean Frank”

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