‘Miss Dior’ Exhibition – Natalie Portman Interview

The current Miss Dior Natalie Portman responds to the “Miss Dior” Exhibition. She explains some fun intricacies of the art and inspiration that is Dior. She humbly hopes she can embody the title of “Miss Dior” but come on … You’re Natalie fucking Portman. No need to play the humble card when your an actress of a generation.

This interview/commercial can at times seem pageanty. Maybe it has the feel simply because the name itself “Miss Dior” but when Natalie speaks, you listen. Whatever she says always rings so true. Forever elegant and cool.“Its face since 2010, Natalie P0rtman embodies a Miss Dior that’s elegant, radiant and resolutely contemporary. At the opening night even for the Miss Dior exhibition in Shanghai, China, we met with the Oscar -winning actress.”

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