Dream Spell ft. Sung Hee Kim in Evil Disney Couture

Since everyone is in an evil/beautiful Disney character mood I came across a  fashion photoshoot with model Sung Hee Kim for The Magazine. Dream like pink smoke and setting, drenched in couture from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Vera Wang, the whole thing styled by Holly Gray. The photo series titled “Dream Spell”Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-2 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-5 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-6 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-7 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-4 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-3 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine-0 Sung-Hee-Kim-for-Amber-Gray-in-The-Magazine

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