Weak Little Fags

We hear violence is never the answer. But when you can only protect yourself from violence by being violent are you now considered morally corrupt?

They gay community has been pinpointed and stereotyped as weak and physically unable to protect themselves in severe hands on abuse. A lot of bullying and abuse has crossed over the line into physical damage, appearing in headlines and leaving the community horrified of what someone can actually do to another person.

People seem to forget this is still a big issue that has nothing to do with marriage or donating blood. These things have importance within themselves but we also can’t forget the basic right to not be terrorized in any way shape or form for sexuality. Sometimes vision is fogged to these facts because the media (thankfully) is placing such a positive light on the LGBT community. But hate crimes were and still are an issue.

I had the unnerving chance to watch some videos from Russia, were a group of men go on a gay online dating app or site and arrange meet ups with other men. Once they have found a time and place to meet this group of men come and kidnap their victim take them to a secluded area to humiliate, abuse, and kick the shit out of. The video below is disturbing, please watch.

Focusing not only in Russia but everywhere in general there are people who agree with these crimes. Even in the ever LGBT friendly and diverse New York City the headlines were not long ago filled with the news of a gay man Mark Carlson who was shot point blank in the face by Elliot Morales after being verbally attacked and taunted for his homosexuality.

Sure it would be nice to not have to resort to violence for any reason. But if you take that route, you will come to realize you will eventually be emotionally and physically be killed off. Just because your view is peace doesn’t mean everyone else’s is.

The video below is of a transgender woman being bullied and threatened on a public bus. You would think she would turn the other cheek and not retaliate to the passengers threats. Wrong, she gets up and starts wailing on the guy. Is it sad that I actually felt good about this? I know hitting someone so reductive and carnal. But I see this specific situation as setting an equal playing ground. If you threaten and taunt a straight man on a bus you will get hit. People are just use to seeing the LGBT community as weak evasive.

Personally I think a every sound gay man needs to carry something concealed. Whether pepper spray or a taser. Also take training on how to protect yourself in dangerous situations with others out to hurt them.

yo, protect yoself!

weak little fags


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