Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle

Like an eclectic kaleidoscope artist Jessica Slagle’s series titled Clemency Catches your attention and makes your eyes soak up the information placed before you.  Each piece beautifully saturated by symbolism. Much that we assume is personal to the artist and experience specific.

That being said we were curious and asked the backstory behind her favorite piece, that also happens to be the one that started the series.

She tells graveravens:“My favorite piece in this series is the first piece that I created for it. About a year ago, I started really getting into yoga. I was going through a pretty rough time and I found that taking 3-5 classes a week worked better than therapy. I think I cried during every class for about a month – pretty crazy. Anyway, since all of these intense buried feelings were bubbling up, I decided to document some of those experience through my artwork. Creating all of these pieces was an emotional experience – but this first one was especially memorable because I dumped the most emotion into it.”

Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle


Below is the the full Clemency series, feast your eyes:

Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle Clemency by artist Jessica Slagle

I recommend taking a nice long ol peek at her work. It’s pretty dope.
Where to find the Artist:

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