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We had the opportunity to chat with the talented beauty & style guru MonsiieurAlex . In a community dominated by the often ( sometimes overzealous) female it’s refreshing to see a unique, informative and tasteful point of view from a gentlemen. His makeup tutorial’s display the use of quality makeup while still withholding the natural essence and masculine vigor.  This goes to show such topics should never be taboo and gender specific. MonsiieurAlex’s helpful tips and reviews can be useful towards everyone.

Read our interview with MonsiieurAlex below:



MonsiieurAlex for graveravens

Q: At what age did you discover your passion for beauty, style and fashion?

A: The real answer to that would probably be around 6th grade when I would sketch evening gowns in the back of my english and math notebooks, But for sure around my senior year of high school. I assisted a photographer as a side job, which lead into modeling, I did a lot of test shoots and small modeling gigs in Los Angeles.. Then from there I got into makeup. Every shoot I worked I was amazed by the “transformation process” from styling, hair, and makeup..  I think it was then I knew I wanted to work with either fashion, beauty, style, or all three if I could for the rest of my life.



Q: How has the youtube community responded to your male perspective when it comes to beauty?

A: Overall I would say the response has been good. I get some really nice comments or messages from people thanking me or just showing genuine support and love which is what makes doing videos even more great. Otherwise I’ve had some people tell me the usual “only girls wear makeup” or.. “a man shouldn’t be giving opinions on something that is for women”.. I’ve heard it all! Some other beauty bloggers also don’t like the fact that I am not only a guy but a really young one working in their “field” as well..   You can’t please everyone!



Q: What tips do you have for men who are just beginning to dabble in beauty products?

A:  Oh man what would I say.. I would say Skincare is extremely important because no matter what you put on top of your face if your skin looks horrible it will show eventually, so invest in great skincare! Besides that.. I believe every guy should own a concealer that works for both under the eyes and blemishes, a nice sheer setting powder, and a great bronzer! And on a side note.. Always wear sunscreen, drink a lot of water, and work out!

MonsiieurAlex for graveravens


Q: We’ve all been there. Looking back, what is one style or beauty choice you regret?

A:  So many! Over grooming and tweezing my eyebrows, wearing colored contacts because at the time I didn’t like my natural eye color which is light brown hazel-ish..  Wearing extremely full coverage foundation to cover blemishes instead of concealing those blemishes and wearing a sheer foundation paired with it, the list goes on! Thankfully.. I have come a long way! (lol)



Q: What celebrity do you stylistically admire and why?

A:.  Matt Bomer without a doubt. I like how wether he is on red carpets or even casual he will still look clean and always put together. I love when someone looks clean cut and always on point. Matt Bomer’s suits are always well tailored, his hair is always well done, and his groomed appearance is always flaw free. His style reminds me a lot of my own which is probably why I like him a lot!



Q:What’s your everyday personal style?

A: I think I would consider it modern retro. I like to stick to form fitting clothes but good simple colors. I think the signature Alex look would be a button up shirt tucked in with the sleeves cuffed up, a belt, perfect fitting dark denim jeans, and a pair of drivers or loafers.  Don’t get me wrong though I do love dramatic and loud designs every once in a while.. Versace is my favorite designer after all!


MonsiieurAlex for graveravens


Q:What kind of music do you listen to? Any specific artists you follow?

A: I love Electronic Dance Music.. Especially on the road all I have to do is turn up the volume and completely zone out. Kaskade & Steve Angello for something more upbeat and I love Edward Maya which I’m sure everyone knows his song “Stereo Love” music like just makes me feel so calm and just happy!



Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A:  My mixed ethnicity without a doubt, I am Colombian & Sri Lankan! Which makes me Latino & South Asian!



Q: What are some current projects you are working on?

A:  A lot of new collections are releasing in the luxury beauty world so I am just focusing on those at the moment and I have some other exciting projects in the future with a brand I can’t disclose just yet.. But I am looking forward to that without a doubt! This year has been wonderful to me.



Q:Plans for the future?

A: Every time I make plans for the future they somehow always change! All I plan to do is continue to reach more success in whatever I continue to do, explore whatever life has to offer, take risk, and most of all.. Be happy! That is all I want for my future.



Q: Where can we find you?


Youtube: MonsiieurAlex


Instagram: @monsiieuralexx


Twitter: @MonsiieurAlex .. I’m beginning to love twitter a lot now! The interaction is great!


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