Tips for Blacking Out

We always say we will never drink like that again. But no matter how many times you say it with a throbbing hangover it always happens again. So instead of acting like it’s a one time thing why not have some useful tips for those nights that you end up not remembering and waking up who knows where. Read the tips below:

Tips for blacking out

1. Take your phone charger with you.

I’m sure in the future we will have a way to surgically attach them to our bodies. But Until that happens it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy an extra charger that is always in your bag. Why? Let’s say you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead. Pretty self explanatory.


3. Keep your ID, Phone and Debit card all together.

There are tons of phone cases that second as little wallets. Super convenient and you won’t have a complete come apart when you can’t find your bag. or, you are rummaging through it to only to find one of these three objects.


4. Have good/trustworthy friends.

Keep an eye out for eachother and stay close, regardless if you meet someone cute or go to the bathroom. The worst thing to be when you’re blackout gone is to be abandoned. This is when you end up in the ER or arrested.


5.Don’t take off your shoes.

You sick bitch.


6.Don’t take cash.

If you lose it you’re screwed. If you lose your card you can simply call your bank and cancel it.


7.Keep an appropriate amount of painkillers and a pair of sunglasses in your bag.

The next morning after a blackout is rough. Half the time you don’t know where you are so the last thing you need is a throbbing headache while you figure a way to get back home.


That’s it, keep these in mind if you have the slightest feeling your weekend will end up crazy. Stay safe!
side-note: here is more info on Alcoholics Anonymous.

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