Ice Bucket Challenge Haters

Bvfp32zIYAAyQYzI was a bit of a skeptic with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge trend at first, but then I saw Britney Spears (GODney Spears) take part in the challenge and I was sold. Someone throw ice water on me while I whisper and breath heavily like my gorl Britney.

On a more serious note, I honestly have done no research on the challenge, where it originated etc. I don’t intend to either. Topics of charity just aren’t interesting. This is just an observation of the recent flood in social media concerning the topic.

Just because Charity is boring doesn’t mean it’s bad. I understand. I donate when a cashier asks me too. But once celebrities start doing things people will create a strong opinion, especially in the Facebook philosophers circuit.

The most annoying rants is the one of “seriously how bout like send the water to African kids instead of wasting it” Bitch how bout stop taking 5 hour showers and going to waterparks to get a tan. I’m sure we will save a lot of water that way. Then there are others who hate it because it’s everywhere in the social media feeds. Which is pointless and kind of rude, It’s like saying “I hear so much about the holocaust, it’s like stupid. I don’t want to hear about it

The funny thing is that the rants usually come from people who are doing nothing for the cause, or any cause for that matter. Sheez, give the celebrities some credit. Why? It’s not about getting RT and a funny reaction when ice water is dumped on them. It’s about bringing awareness to a cause. Would you rather have them pour gasoline or something? I have never even heard of the ALS foundation til now, so that’s proof within itself that it’s successfully spreading the word. So quit your bitching.

I still don’t know what the ALS foundation is about.

Here are some of our favourite IBC challenges. Anna Wintour Godney Spears Gwen Stefani and a handful of celebz Lady Gaga

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