Stand Up, Women’s Pee Freedom!


The luxury of a penis is that the world is your toilet.  No mess, just whip it out and release. Unfortunately the same freedom is not an option for your everyday woman, which is odd since females tend to have to pee a lot more. Not only are some public bathrooms disgusting but it’s probably difficult trying to hover or wait in line when you are about to burst.

But hey! There is a new disposable product called Stand Up, allowing women to enjoy the convenience of standing up to urinate. The pink sleek product could fit in a wallet or back pocket and go completely unnoticeable.  When your done, chuck it.

Stand-Up-urinate-gadget-3 Stand-Up-urinate-gadget-1 Stand-Up-urinate-gadget-2

There have been similar products but they seemed to bulky and weren’t disposable. No one wants to carry a used pee pipe in their bag.


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