Sassy/Super Offensive Costume Ideas

Want to get a rise out of someone? Maybe get kicked out of a few lame Halloween costume parties while getting drinks thrown on you this pumpkin spice season? If so, this costume idea list has been curated just for you. The goal is to be highly insensitive, inappropriate, offensive and most importantly sassy.

offensive halloween costumes

Let’s dive in:

  • Black Face: According to white suburban girls on instagram there is nothing more trendy than a black person. So why not be one for Halloween? your friends will have a hoot while you quote Tyler Perry and twerk. But please make sure to film yourself so everyone can see.
  • Intoxicated Robin Williams: The late, the great Robin Williams. What a way to offend someone by exploiting his former alcoholism after his death. If you want to get creative you can be a drunk blue genie or Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • Rihanna after being Beaten: Womens rights activists would love this. Domestic violence is no joking matter, making it perfect for this list. Have fun exploring the many shades of blues and purples.
  • Westboro Baptist Church Member: Self explanatory. Don’t forget your signs!
  • Casey Anthony: Get dolled up in an exposing outfit while taking selfies with a bloody trashbag.
  • Sexy Anne Frank:


Hope you feel inappropriately inspired. Happy Halloween!


Disclaimer: Do not take seriously, seriously.

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