Surprisingly Timeless Fashion Items

Trends are fun, and trendy. But we know they come and go and if you plan on time traveling in the near future it’s probably best to stay to timeless with your fashion choices. No shame in trends though, they defy a period of time, a decade. We usual dispise once it’s dying but enjoy looking back on once it’s completely gone. Like that crazy bitch aunt you have.

This will be about new timeless pieces we can add if you already havent. We are going to steer away from saying things like “pants” “socks” “watches” etc. like come on.


Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes: Some of you may think these are highly dated but I also don’t think we notice their popularity and versatility. Made popular in the 80’s we still wear the exact same style today. (personally I prefer them in all black or all white). I even went ahead and found some High Top Chucks from the 40’s! You would be surprised at how relevant to todays style they are, you could walk down the street wearing them and no one would bother to notice they could have been your grandfathers.

converse from the 1940’s on the left, 2014 on the right.

Timeless Converse High Tops
They are timeless, a basic blueprint for a shoe.


The Double Breasted Coat:

That one coat you wear just incase you need to class something up. Is it british? Did Burberry invent the double breasted coat? Probably, if so. who cares. It’s something that you can find anywhere and the prices can be as high or as low to a buyers delight. You just have to be a thrifty bitch.

 Grey, black, tan, army green and navy blue. If you are bored of the standard look there are endless color options.

Timeless Double Breasted Coats


Skinny Jeans (pants):

Every century has had their form of the skinny jeans. Slimmer fitted pants that can be paired with anything. From The Beatles to the sassy renaissance full of tights and heels. Trends push for change but skinny fitted pants have stuck around and are  something you can count on.Timeless Skinny Jeans





Now get in your time machines! Do you agree with these selected timless fashions?

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