Confessions of a Former Little Monster

The Rise:

When Lady Gaga pelvic thrusted her way onto the popular music charts it was something new, fresh and charmingly insulting. At the time no other music artists took the theatrical risks with their performances and overall style. Instead of relying on beauty and celebrity status like most top musical artists of the time, she decided to take a different route.  Her shock value and danceable beats resonated and drew people in. She became the pop artist to watch.

Early Lady GAGA

The Peak:

Now on top lady gaga was what some would say a noticeable threat, causing other artists to up their game and being more extreme with their fashion choices. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj. Beyonce became referencing the arts, Katy Perry went from vintage cute to crazy ass costumes, Nicki was a hot mess (lets be honest, still love her though).

Becoming an activist for equality while releasing hit after hit creating an almost religious following (yaaas) Any smart pop star knows once you win the gays over you have practically reached legendary status.

All news outlets were covering every move she made whether it was for or against her provocative presentations.

The Hiatus:

When you come on the scene so hard and so fast you have to be careful to keep yourself relevant. Lady Gaga cancelled her Born This Way tour due to physical and medical issues. (not her fault) but you are either on stage, or not. Nothing is worse than being irrelevant, even the perks of being a hot mess give you more value in the ugly world of Hollywood. Being away for that time period the other pop stars went ahead and built their popularity.

The Fall:

Back on the scene promoting her album Artpop the spark was lost. Not in Lady Gaga herself, but the publics interest in her antics which if anything simply fell out of style. Artists gave up on her style which was seen more of a publicity stunt instead of being creative.

Her music was always on sale from itunes to cds, people speculated this was done to increase the numbers that were sold. Increasing her stats when being compared in the charts.

Die hard fans would not stop in spamming everyone with buying the album, only leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth who encountered them. No one wants to be forced to buy an album regardless if it was good or not.

Awkward jealousy grew when the fans went to other pop artist leaving odd twitter exchanges with fans and other celebrities.


gaga not slaying


The glamour and uniqueness is lost. Every artist has now taken a different technique that sits well with everyone else. Strong fans have lost faith in the new album that is considered not really risky like her previous works. The whole space art theme just never took flight. Waving the freak flag lost its charm, acceptance is a good message to send but you can tell when someone is using it to their advantage. Lady who?



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