Kolor Menswear F/W 2015 Paris

Earth toned but still stylish. Retained its simple edge with fit and patterns.

KIM_0006 KIM_0021 (1) KIM_0044 KIM_0063 KIM_0084 KIM_0105 KIM_0131 KIM_0149 KIM_0173 KIM_0197 KIM_0217 KIM_0241 KIM_0262 (1) KIM_0284 KIM_0308 KIM_0330 KIM_0349 KIM_0368 KIM_0390 KIM_0409 KIM_0430 KIM_0448 KIM_0470 KIM_0491 KIM_0504 KIM_0524 KIM_0546 KIM_0566 KIM_0586 KIM_0607 KIM_0624 KIM_0642 KIM_0657 KIM_0678 KIM_0699 KIM_0715 KIM_0739 KIM_0753 KIM_0775

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