Seeing Color for the First Time

Something we don’t really think about is the results of color blindness, it’s something so hard to explain, and like the documentary says viewing the world through your eyes it is a very private experience. These people who live their lievs with color blindness have been provided with technology that lets them see the shades they’ve been not able to process. It surprisingly hits a personal note, a participant saying “There are some drawings where I wish I could see how my kids put the colours together and what they were visualising,”

Using sunglass-like  filter technology Valspar partnered with EnChroma made the experience possible. I wonder if they could eventually create some contact lenses for those who prefer a more permanent change in their visual abilities.

“Nearly 300 million people experience the world without certain colors every day. ‘Color For the Colorblind’ is a short documentary about what happened when we partnered with EnChroma, maker of color blindness-correcting glasses, to help people experience colors for the first time. We believe in #ColorForAll”

colorblind valspar video 1 colorblind valspar video 2 Colorblind valspar video

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