Madonna Grossed Drake Out at Coachella

Remember when Madonna kissed Britney Spears and it was pretty hot? Yeah this is not that.

At this years Coachella music festival popular rap artist Drake paired up with Madonna onstage for a performance. During one of her songs the pop icon decided to Spiderman sloppy kiss Drake while he sits in a chair. In what we assume she thought would have been a sexy shocker to add to her gasp list. Well it made the gasp list, but not in the way she intended. The only gasping was poor Drake being forced into an unwanted kiss. Like a gay man trying to kiss a woman you can only fake it for so long. As he stood still he couldn’t help but hide his horrified and disgusted face when the kiss ended.

It was like going to a friends for dinner and pretending you like the food only to find yourself wincing with every bite. Yes, Madonna has opened doors for many woman and known for her empowerment of sexuality. But you have to remember how Madonna likes to only kiss younger men, there are some men who like only kissing women around their age. You can’t just go up and make out with anyone. We love you, but don’t kiss me.

Control yourself Madge. Watch the video below:

madonna kisses drake


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