The Rise of The Old and Unphotoshopped Model

Wrinkles? Disgusting. Cellulite? Barf worthy. Fat? UNFORGIVABLE. This kind of body hate/discrimination is known as a normality in the fashion world. It’s better to be dead than fat and old. The “live fast die young” motto is ever-present and accepted.

Something that is ALSO a huge part of the fashion industry is going against the common grain and defying beauties norms. Is this something that is done for publicity? Or more something that needs to be addressed for the overall well-being of self-image.

Photoshoots with top photographers and supermodels have been popping up in magazines and social media, with proud unaltered images! (GASP!) Most notably Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford pictured below:


Hopefully not a trend but an ongoing realization is being pushed forward from these images that are being produced. What are you thoughts? do you think these images are strictly publicity or body positive? Either way it sure does humanize.


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