Denim on Denim with some Denim

Kendall in all denim

A trend that keeps fighting it’s way back into everyone’s favor. Formerly and still known as a Canadian Tuxedo we are seeing full denim looks on celebrities, fashion icons, that chic person you see every now and then and more.

Denim has really never been out of style, it’s the most patriotic fabric the U.S. has. The combination and amount of denim however has always been up for debate. Currently though it’s all in a stylish upswing of popularity. So embrace all your denims TOGETHER! Also keep them around even when the current hype is gone.

A relaxed chic denim on denim look:

Dat Levi LIFE wat
Men in all denim

Men in all denim


Women in all denim. Guess models in all denim


Who could forget this Britney Spears pop culture moment? Later recreated by Katy Perry.
Britney spears in all denim

Some more denim for your denim thirst.

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