Wait Wuhhh? Random Questions Answered

Pointless? Maybe.

  • Is a rabbit a type of rodent?

It’s like we treat them better than hamsters, but they sure aren’t dogs. So in our minds they can’t be rodents. Rabbits are actually something that is called lagomorphs. the lagomorphs species is closely related to rodents, but also horses! Wait Wuhhhh?

  • Why do some people say “Osh Kosh b’ Gosh”?

It’s something I feel older women would say to something cute. It’s basically a cutesy way to say “OH MY GOSH!”. Also it’s a city in Wisconsin. Wait Wuhhh?

  • What are the little handles for corn on the cob called?

I call them “little corn handle things” but they are actually Corn skewers. Wait Wuhhh?

is a rabbit a rodent?


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