Fashion Magazines: From The Bible to Collector’s Items by Teresa Brito


Do you still save up all your pennies to collect every single issue of Vogue in a dark corner of your room? Well, that’s old school my friend! Let’s be honest – anyone who sees that pile will either think you’re crazy – all that money spent and dusting to do! – or that you must be really serious about fashion – you know, like someone who makes scrapbooks or prints or designs their own clothes and needs inspiration – vintage inspiration, at that.

Nowadays, trends come and go as fast as trains and planes – if not faster – which means this week’s editorial on the ��it bag’ of the moment might already be outdated by the time the next issue comes out. On top of that, fashion magazines are expensive and full of adverts for brands most fashionistas can’t afford to own. Add in the fact that you can access just about anything on the internet through a tablet or smartphone and the conclusion you will reach is pretty simple – fashion magazines (as most publications, even books) are pretty much on their way to become obsolete and they’ll only be of any use for either a serious fashion student/creator or a collector who might want to sell a rare edition with a supermodel or celebrity on the cover 40 years from now.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky if you’ll get lucky if you just hold on to that one edition, but let’s be honest: you only live once, and life’s way too short to keep reliving yesterday’s trends when you can easily find inspiration from blogs and websites which are updated every single day with the latest fashions from brands you can likely actually buy and no haute couture adverts to tempt/depress you.

Fashion websites are the future. In fact, they may even be the present of the fashion industry, as the traffic and sales they drive are so high that fashion blogging has become a career path and a way for beautiful, everyday women to become famous. More than that, even fashion houses are taking notice and treating these anonymous fashionistas like celebrities, inviting them to sit at the FROW in all of the world’s biggest fashion week events and sending them their pieces to wear and talk about.

Vogue might still be the Bible, but not for long, as everyday women have started looking more to other young, vibrant, everyday women and less to boring Anna Wintour to find out what they should be wearing and how to avoid a fashion misstep – a fall from towering high heels can be quite bad, not to mention embarrassing, after all.

There are new trendsetters in the world of fashion, and the sooner you realize that, the less likely you’ll be to become that kid everyone makes fun of for carting records around while people make playlists on Spotify around them. If you can’t let go of paper though, don’t worry – magazines will always be great conversation starters, and any fashionista can appreciate a great editorial or stunning cover, so they shouldn’t fault you for keeping a couple of issues around!

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