Summer Mini Skirt Styles

Summer has come with a vengeance giving us great reasons to show of more skin and embracing the mini skirt trend. Here are some ways to style your mini skirts and maintaining a stylish edge. Below are four different looks from formal to casual. Yes a mini skirt can be formal.

Untitled #1922

A Vintage approach to styling your mini skirt, a bright clean lined skirt paired with a simple long sleave button up will make you a cute lil mod girl.

Untitled #1898The sleek high fashion approach to the mini skirt. Simple neutral coloring but including sweet feminine shapes. Balance out your mini skirt with a beautiful but simple turtle neck.


Untitled #1876The Formal Approach to the mini skirt, If you want to make a look formal it’s good to think volume and length, but in this mini skirt case the length is made up by the skirts volume and texture. also balancing the length is the knitted turtle neck.


Untitled #1859The casual approach to the miniskirt.  Simply paired with any graphic shirt or crop top. The denim skirt is sort of just like the denim jeans, feasibly paired with most things and super casual. Throw on your favorite boots and sunnies and you are set.


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