How exciting. Buns are great and all but recently they have become more bagel like and it kind of seems bad for your posture. Yes, we will still rock the top knot/high bun but it’s time for a new normal to keep things a little fresh.

That new normal would be the high pony! Sort of how the high bun was associated with old ladies, ballerinas and librarians the High Pony pulls references from the complete other direction, like cheerleaders, little girls and athletes. (tennis grunt)

The high pony is for men and women (and everything in between) just like the man bun apocalypse, hair has no specific gender role. The main thing is the movement and the desperate sense of holding onto your youth. It look fabulous though, from athletes to high fashion contorting models.

Here are some awesome examples to emulate. Check it out.

High Pony High Pony 1

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