Les Danseurs by photographer Matthew Brookes

Matthew Brookes who is more well-known for his editorial fashion shoots delved into a project featuring male ballet dancers from the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris. The series is full of skilled movements and parallel compositions, all captured in crisp black and white photos

Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-1 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-2 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-3 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-4 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-5 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-6 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-7 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-8 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-9 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-10 Matthew-Brookes-Les-Danseurs-11


Matthew Brookes

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