Grimes – Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream (Music Video)

Grimes released a two-part music video from the upcoming album Art Angels. Heavy visuals in both sections starting with the upbeat Flesh Without Blood (part1) we are presented with the main characters, the Angel (Grimes) 18th century debutante (also Grimes) and Tom boy gamer (Grimes again).  Where we find themes of luxury, excess, partying and blood. Life in the Vivid Dream (part 2) Consists of the same characters in the full aftermath of part one, full of spilt blood and a somber recollection.

See the bright dramtic video debuting Art Angels below:From the new album ‘Art Angels’ out November 6th and available for pre-order:

Grimes Art Angels 1 Grimes Art Angels 2 Grimes Art Angels

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