Rumblr, Like Tinder but for Fighting

5630424ca44e1f37308d3aa5_iphonesAn app called Rumblr is currently in production by New York based recreation fighters. Known as the “Tinder of Fighting” it has brought some controversy due to it blatant violent nature. People are asking if it’s a gag app? Or would people be actually fighting?

The modern Fight Club app has features pretty similar to the popular dating app Tinder, most notably the swipe feature that provides the other “opponents” height, weight, fighting style and we assume aggressive pic. If you both swipe right you can trash talk and set up a time and place.

Apple has rejected the app for obvious reasons but the app keeps getting more attention. The beta version will be released today on the web. So feel free to check it out, maybe get a little rowdy and release some directed aggression.



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