Maria Petrovicova, Zlata Semenko & Lisa Upp by Willy Vanderperre

Shot for the Winter 2015’s Dior Magazine featuring the model trio of Maria Petrovicova, Zlata Semenko and Lisa in all Dior photographed by Willy Vanderperre.

maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-1 maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-2 maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-3 maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-4 maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-5 maria-petrovicova-zlata-semenko-lisa-upp-6


Publication: Dior Magazine Winter 2015
Model: Maria Petrovicova, Zlata Semenko, Lisa Upp
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Fashion Editor: Olivier Rizzo
Hair: Duffy
Make-up: Peter Philips

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