Woman Actually Stabbed and Onlookers Mistook it for Performance Art

art basel stabbingOne of the largest art events Art Basel hosted each year in Miami brings together large crowds of people to art based events. According to reports in the Miami Herald a Ticketholder named Siyuan Zhao attacked another attendee with an X-Acto knife cutting both her arm and neck while shouting “had to watch her bleed!”

The victim 33-year-old Shin Seo Young was luckily not seriously injured but there was blood and a obviouis state of shock once people realized it wasn’t a performance piece.

“A guy walked up to me and said, ‘I thought I saw a performance, and I thought it was fake blood, but it was real blood,’” claimed artist Naomi Fisher, who was exhibiting nearby. “I’m so freaked out. I feel nauseous.

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