Nicholas K Ready to Wear F/W 2016 NYFW

Battle ready Bettys with dark flowing layers and leather vintage inspired head straps. The collection is best described as Amelia Earhart meets a glamorous Samurai, who is goth.

What stood out: The head straps and weapon/accessorize.

See the Nicholas K Ready to Wear F/W 2016 collection presented at NYFW below:_ARC0012 _ARC0038 _ARC0063 _ARC0085 _ARC0114 _ARC0128 _ARC0160 _ARC0182 _ARC0201 _ARC0227 _ARC0259 _ARC0284 _ARC0304 _ARC0329 _ARC0355 _ARC0379 _ARC0400 _ARC0431 _ARC0460 _ARC0485 _ARC0504 _ARC0536 _ARC0555 _ARC0585 _ARC0608 _ARC0640 _ARC0657 _ARC0694 _ARC0717 _ARC0743 _ARC0762 _ARC0787 _ARC0823 _ARC0846 _ARC0878 _ARC0907 _ARC0932 _ARC0951 _ARC0970 _ARC0990 _ARC1033 _ARC1060 _ARC1085 _ARC1096 _ARC1107 _ARC1129

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