YEEZY Ready to Wear F/W 2016 NYFW

The third season of Yeezy x Adidas Originals show premiered at NYFW. The same vibe was expected and presented with a slightly darker muted color scheme. Minimal simplistic looks torn down to distressed knits, combat boots and wig caps. Giving a purposefully under construction aesthetic.

What stood out: The shoes seemed to be most highlighted against the monochromatic fashion.

See the Yeezy Ready to Wear F/W 2016 collection presented at NYFW below:01-yeezy-fw-16 02-yeezy-fw-16 03-yeezy-fw-16 04-yeezy-fw-16 05-yeezy-fw-16 06-yeezy-fw-16 07-yeezy-fw-16 08-yeezy-fw-16 09-yeezy-fw-16 10-yeezy-fw-16 11-yeezy-fw-16 12-yeezy-fw-16 13-yeezy-fw-16 14-yeezy-fw-16 15-yeezy-fw-16 16-yeezy-fw-16 17-yeezy-fw-16 18-yeezy-fw-16 19-yeezy-fw-16 20-yeezy-fw-16 21-yeezy-fw-16 22-yeezy-fw-16 23-yeezy-fw-16 24-yeezy-fw-16 25-yeezy-fw-16 26-yeezy-fw-16 27-yeezy-fw-16 28-yeezy-fw-16 29-yeezy-fw-16 30-yeezy-fw-16 31-yeezy-fw-16 32-yeezy-fw-16 33-yeezy-fw-16 34-yeezy-fw-16 35-yeezy-fw-16 36-yeezy-fw-16 37-yeezy-fw-16 38-yeezy-fw-16 39-yeezy-fw-16 40-yeezy-fw-16 41-yeezy-fw-16 42-yeezy-fw-16 43-yeezy-fw-16

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