Pop-Up Paper Sculptures by Peter Dahmen

German artist Peter Dahmen creates complex paper sculptures that pop open once opened. Much like the most awesome children’s books we know but with a sharp delicate artistic edge.

See a video of them in motion and also some stills of his work below:

Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-8 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-6 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-1 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-3 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-4 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-5 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-2 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-21 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-11 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-10 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-16 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-14 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-13 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-9 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-12 Peter-Dahmen-Paper-Art-7

Images © Peter Dahmen

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