Darcy Ostojic by Trent Pace

Male model Darcy Ostojic poses in sculptural accesoriess in a black and white editorial captured by photographer Trent Pace. Wearing items from ichard Nylon, A.P.C, Acne,Vintage Versace, and M.J Bale styled by Andi Plowman.

See the shoot below:Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-01 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-02 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-03 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-04 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-05 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-06 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-07 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-08 Darcy-Ostojic-Trent-Pace-09



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