Hate Mail for you Haters

Move over fanmail and love letters, there is a new project that assists you with sending mean postcards to your enemies and frienemies. Rude imagaes are sent by etsy shop Hate Mail . They include poop, middle fingers and more.

See some options available below:Hate-Mail-1 Hate-Mail-2 Hate-Mail-3 Hate-Mail-4 Hate-Mail-5 Hate-Mail-6 Hate-Mail-7 Hate-Mail-8 Hate-Mail-9 Hate-Mail-10 Hate-Mail-11 Hate-Mail-12 Hate-Mail-13 Hate-Mail-14 Hate-Mail-15 Hate-Mail-16 Hate-Mail-17 Hate-Mail-18 Hate-Mail-19 Hate-Mail-20

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