Alexis Peti by photographer Baldovino Barani

FACTORY BOY is a series captured and styled by fashion photographer Baldovino Barani, highlighting the stylish and Warholic obsession surrounding masculine beauty, charisma, stardom and fashion. Starring the male model Alexis Petit for the latest issue of FACTORY Fanzine.

See the editorial below:

factoryboy1 factoryboy2 factoryboy3 factoryboy4 factoryboy5 factoryboy6 factoryboy7 factoryboy8 factoryboy9 factoryboy10 factoryboy11 factoryboy12 factoryboy13 factoryboy14 factoryboy15 factoryboy16 factoryboy17 factoryboy18 factoryboy19 factoryboy20

photographed and styled by Baldovino Barani
grooming using Tom Ford For Men
model/ Alexis Petit @ Elite Paris
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