Monique Lhuillier Ready to Wear S/S 2017 NYFW

“The hem lengths, but I feel like a lot back then could still stand today,the dresses needed very little!” – Lhuillier

Classic beauty in chic neutrals and shimmering nudes. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

See the Monique Lhuillier Ready to Wear S/S 2017  collection presented at NYFW below:al4w0006 al4w0024 al4w0039 al4w0062 al4w0080 al4w0104 al4w0123 al4w0150 al4w0170 al4w0188 al4w0204 al4w0226 al4w0253 al4w0272 al4w0291 al4w0314 al4w0339 al4w0356 al4w0374 al4w0390 al4w0411 al4w0427 al4w0450 al4w0468 al4w0494 al4w0542-1 al4w0542 al4w0559 al4w0574 al4w0596 al4w0621 al4w0650 al4w0676 al4w0698 al4w0730 al4w0756 al4w0772 al4w0797 al4w0820

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