Zac Posen Ready to Wear S/S 2017 NYFW

Chic daytime to elegant nighttime using Zac Posen’s signature structure and tailoring in playful prints.

“We took the signatures of our gowns, in terms of anatomical seaming, and brought that into more day looks. Taking it to motorbike pants, the moto jackets, and so on,”Posen

See the Zac Posen Ready to Wear S/S 2017 collection presented at NYFW below:_umb3206 _umb3224 _umb3248 _umb3260-2 _umb3260 _umb3284 _umb3300 _umb3328 _umb3356 _umb3376 _umb3396 _umb3410 _umb3436 _umb3462 _umb3484 _umb3504 _umb3530 _umb3558 _umb3586 _umb3606 _umb3636 _umb3658 _umb3684 _umb3712 _umb3734 _umb3766 _umb3796 _umb3820 _umb3846 _umb3868 _umb3902 _umb3926 _umb3950 _umb3984 _umb3998 _umb4038 _umb4058 _umb4080 _umb4108 _umb4136 _umb4162 _umb4176 _umb4188 _umb4212 _umb4240 _umb4266 _umb4296 _umb4320 _umb4346

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