John Strand by Sandy Lang

Male model John Strand poses in the latest issue of HUF Magazine wearing dapper suits and metallic pants. Captured by fashion photographer John Strand with styling by Kai Jankovic.

See the editorial below:johnstrand_sandylang_hufmag_01 johnstrand_sandylang_hufmag_05 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf1 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf2 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf3 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf4 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf5 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf6 john-strand-by-sandy-lang-for-huf7

Photographer : Sandy Lang


John Strand


Kai Jankovic


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