Frolov RTW S/S 2017 Ukraine Fashion Week

The sensual and sultry anime girl with a playful punk edge. Starring slinky transparent looks and the best of Sailor Moon characters.

See the Frolov RTW S/S 2017 collection presented at Ukraine Fashion Week below:frolov_01 frolov_02 frolov_03 frolov_04 frolov_05 frolov_06 frolov_07 frolov_08 frolov_09 frolov_10 frolov_11 frolov_12 frolov_13 frolov_14 frolov_15 frolov_16 frolov_17 frolov_18 frolov_19 frolov_20 frolov_21 frolov_22 frolov_23 frolov_24 frolov_25 frolov_26 frolov_27 frolov_28 frolov_29 frolov_30 frolov_31 frolov_32 frolov_33 frolov_34 frolov_35 frolov_36 frolov_37 frolov_38 frolov_39 frolov_40 frolov_41 frolov_42 frolov_44

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