Kate Moss by Ethan James Green

Kate Moss is a punk rocker for the cover and spread of the Winter 2016 issue of Dazed Magazine. The black and white series is captured by fashion photographer Ethan James Green with hair and makeup by Malcolm Edwards and Miranda Joyce.

See the shoot below:kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-1 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-2 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-3 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-4 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-5 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-6 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-7 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-8 kate-moss-by-ethan-james-green-9


Magazine: Dazed Magazine Winter 2016
Model: Kate Moss
Photographer: Ethan James Green
Fashion Editor: Alister Mackie
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Make Up: Miranda Joyce
Nails: Marian Newman

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