Mica Arganaraz by Collier Schorr

Styled with a volume filled 80’s flattop/mullet and layers of funky chic looks. Modeled by Mica Arganaraz and captured by fashion photographer Collier Schorr for the November 2016 issue of Vogue Paris.

See the shoot below:mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-1 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-2 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-3 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-4 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-5 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-6 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-7 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-8 mica-arganaraz-by-collier-schorr-9
Magazine: Vogue Paris November 2016
Model: Mica Arganaraz
Photographer: Collier Schorr
Fashion Editor: Suzanne Koller
Hair: Holli Smith
Make Up: Aaron de Mey

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