Julie Hoomans by Liz Collins

Julie Hoomans wears all Prada in a quirky chic editorial. Captured by fashion photographer Liz Collins for the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of The Violet Book.

See the shoot below:julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-1 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-2 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-3 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-4 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-5 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-6 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-7 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-8 julie-hoomans-by-liz-collins-9
Magazine: The Violet Book Fall/Winter #6 2016
Model: Julie Hoomans
Photographer: Liz Collins
Fashion Editor: Leith Clark
Hair: Samantha Hillerby
Make Up: Miranda Joyce

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