Jack Buchanan, Dimeji & Ezra Jolly Pose by Ben Parks

A high fashion menswear editorial shot in the desert starring male models Jack Buchanan, Dimeji & Ezra Jolly Pose. Captured by photographer Ben Parks for the latest issue of 7th Man Magazine.

See the State Of Mind, Don’t Look Behind series below:7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-01 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-02 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-03 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-04 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-05 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-06 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-07 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-08 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-09 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-10 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-11 7th-man-magazine-ben-parks-12



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