Angelica Erthal by Zee Nunes

A throwback chola chic editorial with pencil brows and layered looks. Featuring model Angelica Erthal in an industrial setting captured by fashion photographer Zee Nunes for the November 2016 issue of Vogue Brazil.

See the series below:angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-1 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-2 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-3 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-4 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-5 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-6 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-7 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-8 angelica-erthal-by-zee-nunes-9


Model: Angelica Erthal
Photographer: Zee Nunes
Fashion Editor: Pedro Sales
Hair: Amanda Schön
Make Up: Amanda Schön

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