Inappropriate American Tees in Asia

It’s sort of like how Americans often sport Chinese symbols in tattoos or clothing without really knowing what it could mean. Same goes for Asia. These fine people go about their day blissfully unaware they are wearing something with an extremely crude and/or inappropriate message printed across their chest.

See the vast collection below:img_0903 img_0902 img_0904 img_0905 img_0906 img_0907 img_0908 img_0909 img_0910 img_0911 img_0912 img_0913 img_0914 img_0915 img_0916 img_0917 img_0918 img_0900 img_0899 img_0898 img_0897 img_0896 img_0895 img_0894 img_0893 img_0892 img_0891 img_0890 img_0889 img_0888 img_0887 img_0886 img_0885 img_0884 img_0883 img_0882 img_0881 img_0880

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