Marta Grabowska by Alexander Graeser

Model Marta Grabowska poses in a 80’s glamour punk shoot inspired series. Captured by fashion photographer Alexander Graeser for the F/W 2016 issue of Metal Magazine.

See the shoot below:marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-1 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-2 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-3 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-4 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-5 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-6 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-7 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-8 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-9 marta-grabowska-by-alexander-graeser-10


Marta Grabowska by Alexander Graeser with styling from Kamilla Ritcher x Metal Magazine (FW’16)
Hair by Anna Neugebauer and makeup by Jana Kalgajeva

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