Selling Butt Pics for Charity

Instagram celebrity @MisterOutdoors best known for taking stunning nature shots alongside his bare butt, is dipping into charity work. He writes on social media :
Hello Buttlovers! First I wanna say thank you for all your likes and comments. Never have I thought that something I started just for fun for myself would get such a welcome response. Many of you asked about buying prints, and that’s when I realized it’s time to put this butt to work and hopefully make a little difference. Otherwise, what’s the point…? That’s how WWW.BUTT FOR GOOD dot COM was born… Given the current state in our country I hope you’ll consider supporting causes that are protecting ALL of us. There are many ways to do good. If prints aren’t your thing please consider sharing this post. Thank you for your kindness and support. Butt fully yours, Mr.Outdoors”

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