Gucci Responds to Plagiarism Accusations (Video)

Gucci is under fire for allegedly blatantly plagiarizing two artists for designs features in their latest 2018 Cruise collection. The two artists Stuart Myth and Milan Chagoury took to their Instagram accounts to call out the Gucci Brand and highlight their concerns.

Stuarts post reads:

Ive kept this quite for a little while, But its time to speak up and get some attention. Its pretty easy to see that @gucci Has copied not only the combination of elements together that create this logo, but when I overlay my snake illustration on top of the copy, the scales even line up perfectly. Its easy to prove and see whats going on here. Its a shame large corporations “Take” What belongs to us indie artists and use it for their own profit margins. It actually makes me laugh that @lallo25 has so much press wearing this teeshirt around. And the other thing is the tails of the snake don’t even connect to anything after they flipped the top half hahaha..! GOLD! #alessandromichele #guccicruise18 #gucci #guccified #copydesign #stuartsmythe #arttheft

and Milan’s post reads:

You know your doing something right when even @gucci rip your stuff. When designing for a business (band or brand) make sure you hire a professional designer as most of the time these guys are just ripping off someone else’s work with no guilt at all. It’s ok to be inspired but there are an infinite ways of representing a concept and being original is a key way of standing out in this business. #design #staybold #gucci #GucciCruise18

Gucci has responded to the claims that they were both in works for a possible collaboration with the designers, who both refused. Gucci Told Womans Wear Daily that “a creative exchange with street-style and street vernacular using graphics and words that have been ‘Guccified’. In the last two-and-a-half years Gucci has defined itself through a series of creative collaborations that have arisen organically, symbolizing a generational shift. Also in this instance, we are now in direct contact with the respective talents.”

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