Ivanka Trump to Testify in Court over Plagiarized Shoes (Video)

Before embarking on a political platform brought on by her father, Ivanka Trump’s main focus and business centered around her lifestyle brand, that included shoes, apparel, jewelry and more. Now it looks like some of the designs are coming back to haunt her in an alleged plagiarism scandal. Ivanka has been ordered to appear in court in a lawsuit alleging she stole her shoe designs from an Italian brand. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest rejected Ivanka’s request to exempt herself from testifying in person on the case. The case itself accuses the Ivanka Trump lines “Hettie” heel of being a copy of the Aquazzura’s “Wild Thing” heel. It’s been said in court that Ivanka is”seeking the same success Aquazzura experienced but without having to put in the hard creative work.”

Ivanka has come out to say she has no part in the design process of her brand, pushing the blame off her shoulders and onto licensee Marc Fisher who is also mentioned in the lawsuit.

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